Review; iPhone 4s

By Jordan Moates

Sixteen months after the launch of the widely criticized iPhone 4 came the iPhone 4s. Initially many turned their nose up at the naming, many were expecting the iPhone 5.

One can’t help but notice the likeness between the 4 and the 4s. The 4s is virtually the identical twin of the 4 on the outside.  Only on close inspection will you notice a different camera on the user facing side. Don’t judge a book by its cover. As soon as the 4s is switched on it comes into its own.

Wirelessly setting itself up through itunes it took less than 10 minutes. There was no need to go searching for the slow laptop and waiting for ever for it to pick up the device. Once you are able to use it you start to see the updated features, some of which I have discussed below.

MobileMe has been replaced by the slick iCloud. This virtual space that is free to all users allows you to store your apple identity safely. Everything from pictures, apps, music and most noticeably on the iPhone your contacts. One draw back of the photo stream is that once a picture is there, it is there forever. Something that could be a little embarrassing when showing all your pictures to your granny. However a brilliant new feature for effortlessly syncing all your devices together.

The antenna problems that caused much controversy in the 4 seem to have been eradicated. Most users will probably not notice much difference except those who were having a lot of issues with the previous model.

Apple have claimed that the battery life is significantly improved. However this is something that I have been disappointed with. Having a super phone in every other way is good only if there is the battery to back it up. There is no point having to worry about using the phone to its full potential so you will have a battery for a full day.

I have saved the feature everyone has been talking to until last Siri. It has been described a voice controlled in built app that is basically a PA. This description is not far off the mark. Ask it anything from the population of Brazil to when is my next appointment and you will get a reply. The device needs at least a 3G internet connection but works a lot faster and more effectively over wi-fi networks. The app has the ability to contextulise comments and sustain a conversation with you. However despite these fantastic abilities it is hard to imagine using the app for anything other than a gimmick.

To sum up at first glance it seems like a replica of the 4 but as soon as you start to play with it you realize that this device is a vast improvement.  Many are coming out from their contracts with the 3GS model and will most likely go for this model rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for the elusive 5. So I believe Apple in this case have done enough to secure the 4s as one of the top phones on the market.


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