An era of oversharing the perfectly edited life.

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Various research has shown that Instagram is one of the worst social networks for our mental health, and yet we can’t stay off it.

App users are prone to feel more depressed after scrolling through endless idyllic sunsets, heavenly fit bodies, crystal clear blue waters and sun-kissed holiday photos. As an effect, we are often left to compare our lives with those who earn their living through posting pictures to Instagram. But is it really as bad in practice? Read the rest of the article to find out the opinion of the social media network users.

Instagram Influencer Talk

In recent years there is a growing number of people who earned their careers through social media and especially Instagram. There are travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers and Nikola is one of them.

A 22-year-old YouTuber with over 140,000 subscribers and nearly 100 thousand followers on the photo-sharing app, answered my questions about the platform and the illusion of a perfect life that the app creates.

@daisylette on Instagram

Are you familiar with the Instagram app and if so how often do you use it during the day?

Yes of course. Instagram is by far my most used app at the moment, and I probably use it too often during the day.

On your profile do you follow any celebrities/models and Instagram influencers?

I can also call myself an influencer, so I always limit myself when it comes to following celebrities, models or other influencers. I don’t follow that many but I have few of my favourites, so yes I do.

How does it make you feel to see the perfect life of Instagram famous people?

Back in the day when Instagram was very new to me, and I saw this perfect life that people created, it made me feel bad about myself. I was always comparing my life to theirs, and I wasn’t really happy. I guess this is how a majority of the people feel about this perfect Instagram life.

Has the ‘perfect Instagram life’ ever made you feel less good about yourself?

As I said before it made me feel bad about myself back in the day, but today I see it completely different way, and this is because I’m an influencer. I know that my life is not perfect in any way, and I choose what to post. By this, I mean that you can post whatever you want, and make people believe it. People can only see the photos or few seconds of your life, and they might think your life is perfectly based on it, not knowing what’s going on in your life. I’m the type of person who always tells my followers that no one is having this perfect life, and they shouldn’t believe in everything they see on the Instagram. I think everyone should concentrate on their own

life, of course, you can follow other people, get inspired, but as I always say you should do it with distance, and never compare yourself to people on the internet.

You post a lot of photos on your feed, the travel, the lifestyle and the business collaboration ones. Have you ever found yourself taking photos and editing them just to post them on the app?

I don’t think so because I love taking photos and editing them, it’s my hobby so I only post whenever I feel like it. It was my hobby long before I even had an Instagram account. I don’t take photos just to post them, I think it should make you happy, and because other people post it doesn’t mean you have to be like others. Everyone should do what makes them happy.

Being a part of an Instagram community for a few years now what is your overall feeling about Instagram?

My overall feeling about Instagram is that it’s an amazing app that you can connect with people, and share whatever you love. I met so many people around the world that I’m friends with until this day. Sometimes people can’t believe it, but it’s easier to find someone who has the same interests as you do on Instagram, rather in real life. It’s sad but true. If you take it with the distance it’s great, but if you don’t feel happy and it makes you feel bad about yourself, probably Instagram is not good for you. Also, I think Instagram changed a lot of things recently, and I’m not really happy about it, mainly meaning it’s algorithm and the layout but it’s something that no one really can control.

A lot of young people often tend to record every activity of their lives later regretting it. Have you ever found yourself not really enjoying a moment in your life because you were busy documenting it on social media like Snapchat or Facebook?

I know it’s sad but yeah, I did that many times because I wanted to capture this perfect moment. I try not to do this anymore, and I’m trying to take one or three photos and that’s it. Sometimes it’s hard seeing other people you follow that create this amazing content, but it’s their job, and it’s way different. For me, at the end of the day, it’s more important to be at the moment, but I guess it came with time. I wasn’t always feeling like this.

Having a nice clear theme on Instagram seem to be an important subject when browsing through the influencer profiles. Have you ever found yourself deleting the photos that didn’t suit your “theme” or simply didn’t get enough attention?

I deleted a lot of my old photos just because back in the day when I started I was posting everything, I’m serious. It was embarrassing. Now I try to post what I like, but for me, it’s important that all the photos suit each other. For some people, it’s probably stupid, but for me it’s important. I like when everything looks nice and clean. This is what I love about Instagram, that people can have their feed however they want to, and it’s nice when yours is slightly different and original to others. These days people tend to copy each other, and it’s very boring. And also you shouldn’t be too obsessive about it, just simply post what you like.

Does having nearly 100 thousand followers on Instagram make you feel like sometimes you have to satisfy your followers by taking certain photos or recording more Insta’ stories?

I felt like this when I started, but once I got more followers, and they accepted me for who I am as a person it changed the way I feel about it. I love taking nice photos so my followers will enjoy it, don’t take me wrong, but I don’t spend too much time on this anymore. I feel it’s more important what you tell your followers, not what you show them, at least for me. If someone wants to follow me that’s great, but if they don’t I’m not going to change anything just to satisfy or make people like me more.

All thanks to @daisylette for finding time for this Interview.

“Instagram has changed the way people see the world,” said a co-founder of one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Whilst this statement has been made in 2013 Instagram has surely changed even more peoples’ perceptions of the world since that time. Nowadays the app is filled with perfectly colourful holiday photos, trendy outfits, healthy meals and fun photos with friends. And who doesn’t edit their photos? Even if it’s making a photo just a little bit brighter or cutting its edges, we all use some kind of editing tools to make the shoot better.

Listen to the responses of another Instagram user and her experience with the app. Wiktoria who is 19-years-old talks through her impression of the perfect life created on Instagram.

@W.tokarz on Instagram


Has the perfect Instagram life of other people ever made you feel less good about yourself? 

Do you take photos and then edit them especially to post them to your feed on Instagram?

What is your overall feeling about the app? 

Would you agree with the statement that Instagram creates a fake sense of the perfect life?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t get to enjoy a fun moment in your life because you were busy documenting it on Snapchat or Instagram stories?

Lastly, knowing the current obsession with the perfect layout of the Instagram feed, have you ever deleted a photo that did not suit your theme or simply did not get enough of attention?

All thanks to @w.tokarz for finding time for this Interview.

So when does sharing become oversharing? How much editing is too much? It is up to you to decide.


Instagram Influencer –  Influencers are Instagram users who have an established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. Your brand’s influencers are users that employ your brand hashtag who have the largest number of followers.

Instagram Feed – An Instagram feed is the set of pictures that a person posts. It can be followed by that person’s friends.

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