Nathan Carter in the SSE Arena Belfast

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The atmosphere at the SSE Arena in Belfast was buzzing when the room filled with middle-aged women, and the odd husband or two, to watch Nathan Carter in his second Arena tour.

Big T from Downtown Radio came out to hype up the crowd. He addressed Nathan’s family who were in the audience, telling the crowd how proud they are to watch two sons perform live and then introduced the first support act, brother of Nathan – Jake Carter.

Jake was a brilliant first warm up for the crowd, with the whole arena foot tapping, even though they didn’t recognise his music.

After Jake’s set, Big T came back to introduce a second act – Hayseed Dixie, from Nashville Tennessee. To say this was a contrast from Jake would be an understatement. On first impression, the band was made up of four middle-aged men in whacky outfits such as shirtless with a pair of dungarees. The band introduced themselves as a mix of rock and country.

They jumped straight into hardcore rock with some banjo playing and the sea of middle-aged women did not look amused. The set lasted for over 30 minutes and instead of warming up the audience, the vibe in the arena was dead.

After the long wait, the time had come. The curtain dropped and Nathan Carter appeared in a baby blue suit, opening the show with Wanna Dance, from his album Stayin’ Up All Night.  With the exciting reaction from the crowd, I knew it was going to be a good night.

Nathan had a great mix of instruments in his band including – drums, fiddle, saxophone, banjo, guitars, harmonica and himself on the accordion. I have never seen such a huge band and the sound they created was fantastic.

Nathan occasionally stopped to talk to the audience. He shared some funny stories and continually thanked the audience for their support, talking to the audience as if he had grown up with them. Nathan shared his love for Ireland and his appreciation, it’s so easy to see how he became so loved by the Irish.

Nathan sang songs from all three of his albums. The whole arena was swaying and tapping their feet through every moment of the concert. Temple Bar was then played and everyone sang along.

The crowd got into an uproar of applause when Nathan started to sing some Glen Campbell songs, with the atmosphere lighting up.

During a quick change, he slipped into a kilt and bantered with the audience, showing off his legs – it was easy to tell the women were enjoying it.

The audience was also spoilt with two guest appearances from Lisa McHugh and Brian Kennedy. Nathan really packed everything into his show and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The show ended, but the audience were not fooled, as Wagon Wheel was yet to be heard!  Nathan then came out a final time and the whole crowd were on their feet singing to every word – even the men!

Overall I really enjoyed the whole concert, it was a blast from start to finish! If Nathan Carter goes on tour again I highly recommend you grab a ticket. It was a concert anyone would enjoy.


You can check out Nathans music and more upcoming music events below:

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