Travis is a Tourist- Beforeugogo Review






Travis is a Tourist- B e f o r e u g o g o                                                                                       Rating 7.5/10   

Singer-songwriter Travis Gilbert has been strutting the Northern Irish music scene for some time now. Initially as the Colly Strings frontman and in more recent years under the Travis Is A Tourist guise.

Indeed, Travis has spent quite some time as a tourist, relocating to Paris for a year before returning to these battered food shores. He has been kept busy on several tours since his time in France; supporting Benjamin Francis Leftwich on his lengthy comeback tour, followed by shows with Ryan McMullan who he is due to reunite with this year. Despite his seldom empty travel bag, he has still managed to release a couple of singles over the past year.

His newest track, B e f o r e u g o g o hit an online platform near you this month.

You can watch and listen to it here.

When I first wrote about Travis in March 2014, I described his foray a solo artist as a personal crusade into music. Four years on and his campaign continues. His rugged look is the same, it’s just a different rolled cigarette behind the ear. The music though has morphed and matured with the man.

There has been a noticeable shift away from that nu-folk-pop sound that was popular through my student life. B e f o r e u g o g o flaunts more of an R n B influence through his use of electronic tones and synths. The first 20 seconds could be tied to Eleven from Stranger Things taking over a school disco.

There’s more maturity attached to the song, with an appreciation that a slither of silence in a track can let it breath and build for a listener.

The trademark smoothness of his vocals continues to reign supreme. In my opinion he is one of the most naturally gifted vocalists in the country and when this is combined with his natural confidence, the artist’s talent cannot be ignored.

It’s a track worthy of my Spring playlist and it will add to a great live show set, which I suppose fits ideally with TIAT’s present music career. However, the wait continues for a longer piece of work whether it is an album or a substantial EP. That’s the big test if he is to make the breakthrough to the next level.

Listen to more TIAT here via Soundcloud.

Darren McCullins, Reviewer.

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