Childish Fun for the Adults at ‘We Are Vertigo’ 

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We Are Vertigo at the Newtownbreda Factory Estate has undergone a change. Gone are the trampolines, as We Are Vertigo becomes home to ‘the only indoor inflatable fun world on the island of Ireland!’

They label it a ‘fortress of fun’ and a ‘cloud-like castle’, and it’s hard to disagree with that description.

It’s a Saturday evening at 8 pm, and as the children with foreheads laced with sweat shuffle out, the adults come rushing in. We Are Vertigo offer this special adult’s only session from 8-9 pm, on Monday to Saturday.

The reception area is packed, which is a let-down, because with the numbers of people milling around it seems as though there will be no room to breathe.

After watching a safety demonstration video, the mass of excited adults march towards the ‘inflata-park’. It is a 30,000 square foot playground with inflatable floors and walls, obstacle courses and slides, and there is more than enough space and obstacles for the group.

It’s much bouncier than a bouncy castle, and some of the more risky attendees wow on-lookers with backflips and other such feats.

The inflata-park can conjure up a lot of nostalgia, with the ‘Gladiator’-esque Travelator and the inflatable duel with pugil sticks. Fans of ‘Total Wipeout’ will also enjoy the ‘Wipeout Assault Course’, from which very few people left unscathed!

There’s a café upstairs for the less adventurous amongst us, which offers a brilliant view of the inflata-park.

Be aware however, that you need to wear specially designed socks to enter the inflata-park. These (rather cool looking) yellow socks with special grip can be bought at the reception area for £2.00. (NB, for those of you with red socks from the We Are Vertigo trampoline days, these socks are not allowed.)

So bear in mind that you will essentially have to add a £2.00 fee to your first visit to purchase these socks which can be worn on future visits.

And as regards the overall price, it was certainly pricey. It cost £16.95 for my visit (£14.95 booking plus £2.00 for the socks).

However, this was a Saturday night visit on Valentine’s weekend. If you visit mid-week, the booking fee is £10.95.

Overall, it’s a night of good childish fun, sans the children, for the price of a few pints! I would highly recommend it to the young, and to the young at heart.

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