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The Royal Collection Trust are displaying 144 of Leonardo da Vinci’s best paintings across twelve different exhibitions in the UK.  This marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death.

A collection of Leonardo’s work is currently being displayed in Northern Ireland, at the Ulster Museum in The Botanic Gardens in Belfast.
The collection will be open to the public from the 1st February to the 6th May 2019.  Admission is free (although donations are accepted) and the exhibition opens from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday.

The small exhibition in Belfast displays a variety of Leonardo’s work, which gives you a small insight into the life and accomplishments of this famous artist.  The collection includes different aspects of Leonardo’s interest including: anatomy, cartography and botany.
I visited the Ulster Museum on a Saturday morning to experience the paintings first hand.

When I entered the gallery, it had a very intimate atmosphere.  The pieces were mounted onto dark plum coloured walls and there was no overhead lighting, only spot lights illuminating Leonard’s work.

One of the most interesting aspects of the display was the variety of colours.  Leonardo uses blues, greens, reds and oranges on his pieces that are associated with nature and the human body these include; St Anne, The body of a man and A bur-reed.

Whereas, he uses sharp lines on his machinery painting A scene in an arsenal, which is very busy and chaotic in comparison.

The detail in each painting is astounding.  They are immensely impressive considering the size of each painting.  Each picture has intricated detail that you can only truly appreciate in person.

One of the most interesting aspect about the paintings is that you can see Leonardo’s writing and scribbles.  The scribbles show that Leonardo’s paintings were works in progress and display his spontaneous thought.

Knowing very little about Leonardo da Vinci I had no expectations for this collection.

After seeing this small sample of Leonardo’s work.  It would be amazing to see all his paintings together, especially because the exhibition makes you feel like there is so much more to discover.

Once all the exhibitions have closed two hundred of Leonardo’s paintings will come together and be displayed at the Queens Gallery in London in the Summer of 2019.  Followed by a selection of his work being displayed in the Palace of Hollywood House at the Queens Gallery in Edinburgh in the winter of 2019.


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