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The Panasonic G9 is the flagship camera aimed at outdoor and sports photographers. This camera sits alongside the GH5 which was originally for photography however is a favourite among videographers due to its wealth of advanced video features. This is where the G9 comes in with its very advanced photography features.


I will be giving a short and brief review* after using the camera for over a month. I can say that I’m very impressed with how it handles it reminds me and appears similar to a DSLR camera with the Top LCD screen displaying all the important exposure settings, it has a large grip and controls which makes it easy to operate.

Top LCD screen displaying all the important exposure settings, it has a large grip and controls which makes it easy to operate.


Pros Cons
6.5 stop image stabilisation Selection of ISO
50fps burst shooting Battery level not as good as other mirrorless cameras.
Magnesium Alloy weather proof body Small sensor


The autofocus system in this camera is incredible with a 0.04 focusing time which is one of the fastest on the market which is why it is good for sport and the outdoors compared to my Canon 6D which struggles to lock on to moving subjects at times. The camera has 225 autofocus points and I’ve tested this mode in sports photography and the camera keeps track of the subject accurately.


The camera can shoot at 50fps on the electronic shutter with no viewfinder blackout which helps you track your subject but to use this mode effectively, but you need a fast write speed memory card to allow for buffer time. The camera has a selection of custom buttons and dials, but my favourite controls are the joy stick and touch screen which makes it very useful on setting your focus area and gives you more creative control with the focus.



For people who are not interested in sports photography I would also recommend it for other styles of photography such as landscape and still life because this camera has a unique feature called High Resolution Mode were the camera takes 80-megapixel photos in RAW.


With the camera having a small sensor (2 times smaller than full frame) this reduces the amount of the light hitting the sensor this means it is not as good in low light situations compared to full frame. The 6.5 stop image stabilisation in-body and lens enables you to take hand held shots at a shutter speed of 1/5 seconds. This does compensate for having a small sensor, compared to DSLR’s where you would need a tripod.

Taken Hand Held at a slow shutter speed

If you can see past needing a full frame sensor and require a high-quality camera and light camera for outdoor photography, I would highly recommend the Panasonic G9 for any outdoor or sports photographers.


*This article is solely opinion based and a review not endorsed from Panasonic.


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