The Superhero Series: The Unseen Event

Article Author Callum (Left) beside Paralympian David Weir (Right) at Superhero Series 2018 Event

2020 has been a surprising year with many effected by Covid 19 and with everyone focused on the more negative events taking place it can become all too common for the colour and light of the world to be consumed by the darkness.

Cartoon Caricature of Celebrity Team Captains Menna Fitzpatrick and Jen Kehoe

Since 2017 an event has been taking place twice a year with very little recognition. This event is called the Superhero Series and consists of two-yearly gatherings in the summer and the winter in which members of the disabled community come together to celebrate their identity by competing in a para triathlon. A representative of the superhero series called Max shared some participants feedback on the event and why it’s important to have the opportunity to celebrate identity in this way. One participant commented;  

“I have always enjoyed sport and although I am slower than most people, I love the challenge of any sporting event. Superhero Tri is such a great way for anyone with any disability to push themselves to their limits and this is primarily why I enjoy taking part.

Over the past 3 years the event has expanded with 2019 seeing 3000 participants and Sidekicks in the Summer event, including 7,000 spectators & 300+ Sidekick volunteers. The summer event includes a celebrity team race where participants apply and if successful are partnered with a celebrity from a roster of over 30 notable disabled figures including David Weir, Jonnie Peacock and Para alpine Ski champions Menna Fitzpatrick and Jen Kehoe.

Another competitor shared their experience adding;

“It has shown me disability sport at its best. It makes me incredibly passionate to do my best as these events are really the only opportunities I get to participate and win medals. The Series has shown me you can be an athlete and winner no matter your ability or level – and you get to dress up in the process. What’s not to love!”

This year however we saw Team Superhero Series adapt for unexpected circumstances, with the creation of the at home superheroes event. The event would run for 1 month and would involve teams of participants competing in their chosen events from the safety of their home. The celebrity team events would involve online video meetings between team members and everyone would do their part for their designated race, or challenge. Plans are already underway with a winter home event scheduled to take place this year and plans are already being laid for the 2021 Superhero Tri to resume at Dorney lake.

Cartoon Caricature of Celebrity Team Captains David Weir, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan and Mark Ormrod

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