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Review: Loosing with Lipotrim


With summer approaching many of us will be trying every weight loss method from Atkins to Zumba.

Despite good intentions if you left it until the last few weeks of your holiday countdown can a liquid diet really help you shed the pounds with minimal effort?

One such diet available at local pharmacists is the Lipotrim meal replacement. You can find your nearest supplier at

Under the programme you use the low intake of the Lipotrim programme in conjunction with a healthy low fat meal. The liquid diet is used to maintain weight following the complete Lipotrim replacement. It can however be used as a weight loss tool by reducing food intake and implementing replacements through Lipotrim products.

“The low GI helps reduce hunger pangs” says Pharmacist Michael Mc Auley. “I actually use the products to maintain my own weight” said Michael. Well, I thought if they are good enough for a pharmacist then they are good enough for me.

The cost was equal to what I would spend as a single person on a weekly shop.

Side effects included headaches or risk of homicide when my friends decided to eat in front of me. For five weeks I looked forward to  my forgiving morsel of salad or Weetabix each day.  I was loosing weight but also my energy and happiness. After five short weeks I found myself on the edge of my goal weight. When I got there I could hardly believe it.

However like most liquid diets it is not long term. When I cycled to work and maintained a healthy diet the weight stayed off. When I relocated back to my parents complete with an on call taxi man also known as dad and a chef whose cookbook is a collection of takeaway pamphlets also known as mum I found the pounds piling on yet again.

Post diet i found myself loosing but not in the way i wanted. It seemed to me the diet was a short term fix and almost impossible to maintain the weight loss.

Kate moss may claim “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” but clearly she has never had to the ulster fry.

Rugby for Beginners

As a journalist we are told to experience everything, even sport, even rugby.

As a GAA based family including a grandfather who blessed himself at the word soccer, rugby was never on power. I knew the ball was egged, New Zealand had a team, and they had a dance ritual


After Belfast Royal Academy (BRA) drew with Bangor’s Regent House in the 2XV cup I was brought to the replay.

When I arrived at the grounds I was disappointed the New Zealand dancing was not part of this teams pre-match. I on the other hand was wiggling for warmth. One similarity stood out between all sports, the atmosphere was electric.

The match had a slow start but soon Belfast Royal Academy awoke with a Jack Forbes try. He then went for the conversion. Jack made use of a cone as he lost his kicking tee and SS Moore’s were closed, with little difference he successfully scored the conversion.  The first half had BRA in the lead with Regent house attempting to get hold of the game but they failed to keep the ball thanks to the efforts of Samuel Hamil who kicked for territory relieving pressure.

During the second half BRA struggled to keep the ball, but even then Regent could not score. Samuel kicked which resulted in an injury. He tried to play but the discomfort was clear. Samuel had a strong kick and each time Regent got the ball he got it back to BRA. With good or bad a few minutes later the ball came towards me. Although it could have been a small child at my feet as that would also cause confusion.

Alister Mc Gary said “BRA danced their way around the pitch to victory!” BRA won with an embarrassing defeat of 56-0 against regent house. I caught up with the recovered Samuel Hamil at the end of the match. He said “it was a brilliant match, we played well and hope we can keep up the standard for the rest of the season.”

Despite my lack of knowledge around the game I found the experience enjoyable and look forward to more matches, but I’ll leave the Sports enthusiasts to report them.

In the end Regent House suffered a huge 56-0 defeat.