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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Every year tech-savvy consumers anticipate the announcement of the latest smart-phones to do battle throughout the proceeding calendar months. Samsung look to have a foot in front of their competitors in 2014 with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The S5 being unveiled at the 'Unpacked' event.
The S5 being unveiled at the ‘Unpacked’ event.

Samsung announced the S5 on the 24th of February during their ‘Unpacked’ event in Barcelona. The S5 measures in at 142×72.5×8.1mm and weighs 145g, which is slightly heavier than the S4.

Feature wise, Samsung have improved the camera on the S5 with a rear facing 16-mega-pixel, HD camera with the fastest ever auto-focus on a smart-phone. At 1/3 of a second, the auto-focus speed beats any other mobile phone on the market at present.

Enhanced image stabilisation means pictures are less blurry and slight movements in facial expressions are captured more accurately via a ‘High Dynamic Range’ (HDR) feature.

Selective focus is another nice addition. Whether you focus on a near or far object while taking a photograph, the feature allows you to switch the focus between objects, after the picture has been taken.

The fantastic ‘super AMOLED’ display returns in the S5 as predicted, but with the added addition of ‘adaptive display’. This allows the screen to adapt instantaneously to your surroundings and lighting conditions, maximising the detail on screen.

The S5 comes equipped with an ingress code of 67. What this means is that the handset is dust tight and can withstand splashes of water. A feature that proved extremely popular on the Sony Xperia Z and will be a welcome aspect amongst more outdoorsy consumers.

The ultra-power saving mode sounds very promising on the S5. Once the battery life reaches 10% the feature kicks in, switching off all connectivity on the phone except calls and texts.

It also automatically turns the display to black and white. Samsung claim that the user should get 24 hours use from a 10% battery during this unique power saving mode.

Samsung are said to be ‘supporting a healthier lifestyle.’ Their ‘S-Health’ app, which was available on the S4, makes a return on the S5. The idea is that it clocks your distance walked, your speed and calories burned.


Samsung have upped the anti with a built in heart-rate sensor located just under the rear-facing camera. It would appear that this is an expansion of their ‘S-Health’ initiative but I do wonder how necessary it actually is.

One feature very impressive  new feature is the download booster. Effectively, it allows the user to activate wifi and mobile data (such as 4G) simultaneously. They then work together in order to speed up downloads.

With the fast paced, media rich, and technologically dependant lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, I find this feature a subtle stroke of master-class by Samsung. They’ve clearly got the needs and wants of the tech-savvy consumer in mind.

2014 looks set to be the year that smart-watches really break into the market. Samsung announced three new additions to their ‘S-Gear’ range with the Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear fit.

The most impressive of the three is the Gear fit. It features the first ever-curved AMOLED display on a wearable accessory. From tracking your heart rate to monitoring your sleep, the Gear fit is a must have accessory for the fitness fanatic, Galaxy devotee.

The S5 looks set to become an instant hit amongst hardcore Samsung users and I’d be surprised if it didn’t gain a few new fans. The IP67 approved rating is a particularly strong selling point. Available in a range of colours, I predict another very good year for Samsung.

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Limavady Rattle Canary Cages

Limavady-United           nor

Limavady United under 15’s kicked off their Foyle Cup, Group C, clash with Norwich at the Limavady Showgrounds with a surprisingly hard fought victory.

Many had United well and truly written off before kick-off, with predicted scores of up to 6-0 in favour of the Canaries. It certainly looked to be heading that way in the opening fifteen minutes of the game.

Norwich looked sharp, alert and composed on the ball, with pace to burn on the right and left wings courtesy of Rui Da Costa and Joshua Emmins. Da Costa in particular was a real handful on the right wing with an array of trickery at his disposal.

Norwich controlled the pace of the game with Limavady looking nervous in their surplus moments of possession. Devonte Aransibia and Emerson Mutulala-Sambu simply bossed the midfield area, patiently building up play and stringing together pass after pass.

On the 12th minute Emmins’ pace beat Limavady’s Jack McGonigle, as he played a neat one-two with Henry Pollock only to see his shot brilliantly saved by Limavady’s Tom Hegan.

Moments later Hegan’s heroics were called upon again as Mutulala-Sambu found himself through on goal after a Limavady defensive error. Hegan’s outstretched body flew across the goalmouth and brilliantly deflected Sambu’s powerful effort wide with a strong left fist.

It looked like a matter of time before Limavady would be punished, and a disallowed goal on the 24th minute from Emmins was a warning to Glen McPherson to give his defensive line a shake.

The rest of the half saw United fight hard for possession as Norwich continued to control the pace of the game.

Limavady started the second half like men on a mission. Jack McGonigle began to bomb forward down the right wing, despatching a few great balls into the opposition’s box.

Norwich continued to pose a serious threat down the wings, but for all their possession football, nothing seemed to materialise.

With their tails up, United continued to press. Hassan got more involved on the ball and began to find space much easier, particularly around the edge of the box.

Norwich resulted to fouling out of frustration, a tactic soon to prove costly.

McGonigle was pulled down on the 50th minute from yet another surging run. The referee blew his whistle and Fleming stepped up to dispatch the free kick expertly into the top corner of Gratzer’s net. 1-0 Limavady.

Norwich, shell-shocked, restarted. They began to press forward with Da Costa and Emmins on the wings and Arnsibia bombing through the middle. The Limavady boys were penned in.

A neat one-two on the 55th minute between Kerins and McCammon saw the latter play Arnsibia through on goal. His drilled shot was deflected out of play by a last minute defensive lunge from McPherson.

With a few minutes to play, Norwich went all out in attack but couldn’t break down Limavady’s defensive line with Dillon and Lewis Moore impressing late on with a series of great tackles.

Limavady’s hearts were in their mouths in injury time, as substitute Luke Faulkner was booked for a cynical challenge on Rui Da Costa. Norwich flooded the Limavady penalty area as Aaron Attree lofted in a cross towards the head of substitute Alan Fleming.

Limavady manager Damien Mullan looks on with his assistant
Limavady manager Damien Mullan looks on with his assistant

The big number 9 leaped and made contact, but couldn’t keep his headed effort down as the ball sailed over the bar to the referee’s final whistle.

Limavady United manager Damien Mullan said, “It’s a fantastic result for the lads. Everyone had us written off before the game started, but we showed what we are all about there this evening.”

You can follow Limavady United’s season on their website.

Alternatively you can follow the club on twitter.