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Surf Lebanon: The Middle East’s core surf scene

Surf Lebanon is a crew who surf a range of waves just south of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. After a quick surf, I spoke to the founder and centre of Lebanon’s surf scene, Ali Elamine, about his shop and met a few of the local surfers hanging out on the beach.

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon eight years on

As Lebanon airs the offer of free one-way tickets out, refugees say they are not even receiving basic medicine and food, while their homes can- not stand another harsh winter storm Beqaa Valley, Lebanon – When Myriam Mohammad found out that her home in Hamas, Syria, had been completely destroyed, …

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Meet the founder and head coach of Belfast’s cross-community boxing club

Meet Terry McCorran, founder and head coach of Belfast’s cross-community boxing club. The City of Belfast Boxing Academy backs on to the East Strand Peace Wall. Open for eight years, the club caters for anyone from every part of the city, eschewing a specific sectarian identity, common with sports clubs …


Yellow Vest protesters march in Manchester

  By Nick Winchester A group numbering 15 pro-Brexit ‘Yellow Vest’ marchers took to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester on Saturday, February 9. The group, styled on the movement which has seen protests across France since November last year, sang “Bye-bye EU” and handed out leaflets with a number of demands, …

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A newly dry drinker’s guide to alcohol-free beers

  I’ve been sober for coming up to two months now after having my last drink at some time around 2am on January 1. Asking me a year ago whether I would ever consider taking time off from drinking, or even suggesting ‘Dry January’, would have resulted in an unwavering ‘no’, probably accompanied by …