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Surf Lebanon: The Middle East’s core surf scene

Surf Lebanon is a crew who surf a range of waves just south of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. After a quick surf, I spoke to the founder and centre of Lebanon’s surf scene, Ali Elamine, about his shop and met a few of the local surfers hanging out on the beach.

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon eight years on

As Lebanon airs the offer of free one-way tickets out, refugees say they are not even receiving basic medicine and food, while their homes can- not stand another harsh winter storm Beqaa Valley, Lebanon – When Myriam Mohammad found out that her home in Hamas, Syria, had been completely destroyed, …


100-year-old Bob Lingwood attends Omagh Remembrance Service 2018

  On the 11th November a parade in Omagh was held in remembrance of the fallen – 100 years since the First World War ended. A number of youth groups, scouts, guides and cadets walked with the British Legion in remembrance of the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting …


First Ever GAA World Games Take Place

The first ever Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) World Games took place in Abu Dhabi last weekend. Twenty-five teams from across the globe gathered to compete in games of traditional Irish sports, including Gaelic football, hurling, camogie and rounders. The competition, played over two days, started on Friday 6 March and …


Return of the Mac: CD Review

The world rejoiced earlier this year when legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac announced a 2013 world tour. Jayne McCormack takes a trip down nostalgia lane to explain why ‘Rumours’ is still one of the best albums of all time. Music lovers everywhere are ecstatic that the band responsible for classics …


Thatcher’s ghost will continue to haunt Britain’s EU relations

Europe may have been the issue that led to Baroness Thatcher’s political downfall in 1990, but 23 years later, in the wake of her recent death, it appears that she might just yet win in her fight against an United States of Europe. When news broke of her death, David Cameron …

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N Ireland debates EU exit but unites to lobby Irish Presidency on CAP reform

As the UK eyes the EU exit door, Northern Ireland is looking to the Irish Presidency of the European Council as an opportunity to lobby on behalf of farmers in upcoming Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) negotiations. At a Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister Committee report meeting Monday, …

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The Youth Acting to Stop ACTA in Europe

The youth acting to stop ACTA in Europe   With almost 3 million signatories in protest against a bill that is still to be ratified by the European Parliament, one would assume the bill in question would be fairly well known amongst the public.Ethan Loughrey considers why two surveys on …

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Wide-scale resistance to the household charge in Donegal

  William Burton investigates public reaction to the imposition of the household charge in Donegal   The implementation of the household charge of €100 has been one of the most controversial aspects of the economic collapse in Ireland. With revenue sources depleted after the property crash, the government is seeking …

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Revolutions rage around the world

By  Emma-Kate O’Reilly December 21, 2012 is the end-date for the ancient Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Maybe not the apocalypse as we imagine it literally but metaphorically. Maybe the Mayans were playing with the idea of a new collective conscience being born. Something strange has a hold on the world. …