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In Review: Anno Stamm – No One Else EP

Image by All-City Records http://www.allcityrecordlabel.com/

Dublin based record label All City Records are not known for releasing conventional music. In fact, they have acquired a reputation for being purveyors of the eclectic and the extraordinary. For anyone who is familiar with the abnormal sounds of Berlin native Anno Stamm, it comes as no surprise to see him release his No One Else EP on All City.

On an aesthetic level you could easily overlook this record, but it would be to your detriment. A generic black record sleeve, familiar black vinyl, and an unassuming piece of record art could easily mask this peculiar auditory delight. Despite being a three track EP, it perfectly showcases Anno Stamm’s versatility as he blurs the lines between techno, house, and deep house. The eponymous first track “No One Else” is probably the obvious pick of the bunch for most DJ’s. Powerful sub-bass, catchy chopped vocals, and accentuated snare patterns combine to create a cleverly nostalgic, retro style floor filler.

Listen to and but the No One Else EP at: https://annostamm.bandcamp.com/album/anno-stamm-no-one-else
Image by Lars Stöwe. Listen to, and buy the No One Else EP at: https://annostamm.bandcamp.com/album/anno-stamm-no-one-else


Of all the tracks on this record the A-side will probably get the most plays, but it is on the B-Side that things get really interesting. Think of the melody of your favourite childhood nursery rhyme, or the melody of a music box. Now imagine that someone has warped the pleasant sounds and jingles, and layered them with a distorted kick drum, creating a track so sinister, that it would not seem out of place in a nightmare. If you can imagine what the might sound like, you might understand what the second track of the EP, “Charge It Up To My Account”, sounds like. Far from being a typical techno affair of relentless beats, the drum loops merely set the pace for this off-kilter melodic masterpiece. It is a pity that this track was selected as the B1 on the record, because although it is by far the most intriguing and creative track of the release, it is likely to be overshadowed by the A-side, as often is the case with many vinyl releases.

As we put the turntable needle down on the final track, the artist takes us in another direction completely. He rounds of the release with a blissful and relaxed deep house offering. “Sensing Social Sirens” changes the mood with its beautiful string and pad sounds, proverbially transporting us to a much different place from the previous tracks. Each track could have been produced by a different artist. Each track has a different sound. All tracks were created by Anno Stamm, a man who epitomises ingenuity. Given the fact that many EP’s have four productions, the consumer in me notices one problem with this EP, one that could also be attributed to the quality of the music; there are not enough tracks.

For more information about Anno Stamm and his music see: http://www.anstam.com/


‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, ‘All Night Long’

Last night Lionel Richie took the Odyssey by storm. After three years, he made his return to Northern Irish soil. Opening with All Around the World, Lionel took the audience on a journey, transcending the generations making up the buzzing audience.

At one point in the show he described how there are three types of fans. The Commodore fans, the Lionel fans, accompanied by, Stuck on You. And finally, the generation which was brought along by their mothers. This is the generation in which I fell into on the night.

At first, the thought of going to a Lionel Richie concert, stumped me, I only knew a handful of songs but did I enjoy it despite this? Of course. His on-stage persona got everyone on their feet from the camaraderie with the audience and his energetic performance it all added to his live presence, which made for a truly enjoyable evening.

Last night my ears were tainted with reminisces of how many times  “we danced to that song” or unfortunately, “cried to that song” from my mum and godmother who have been friends for 40 years. It was obvious that the older generation lived their lives through his music as there was a song suited to every emotion.

Lionel Richie was himself, very aware of the different stages in the life of his fans that he touched: “when I was in love, you were in love. When I was sad, you were sad and when I was angry, you were angry”. The comical sentiment that he exuded leant a great element to his performance. Spanning from his hits, Three Times a Lady to Hello and Dancing on the Ceiling. The latter, was a veritable crowd pleaser; everyone got on their feet and sang their hearts out, almost drowning out Lionel’s own voice.

Writing this piece I can feel the excitement brewing inside me again as I remember last night. For a man who has been preforming for many a year, there was no sign of age slowing him down as he ran across the stage encouraging audience participation, just to note, not much encouragement was needed.


Lionel Richie’s personality shown through each performance and the sincere gratitude he has for the support of his fans throughout the years was tangible.

Lionel still has a few dates left on his tour so get your tickets on Ticketmaster, quick.

Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

Odd Future’s figurehead Tyler, The Creator releases his sophomore album Goblin, the first from the collective to have a release on a major label. The most hyped release of the year doesn’t live up to expectations, with few quality tracks, the album eventually suffers from a lack of musical ideas and a running time which could do with having at least 20 minutes shaved off it.

‘Radicals’ is one of the standout tracks on the album. It takes the vitriol up a notch; menacing beats are laced with a genuine anger in Tyler’s voice as he veers into an almost militant style of hip hop. “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school, I’m fucking radical” whilst the intensity subsides as a more enlightened Tyler tells us “im not saying to just go out and do stupid shit, commit crimes. What im trying to tell you is do what the fuck you want, stand for what the fuck you believe in, and don’t let anybody tell you you cant be what you want. I’m a fucking unicorn.”

The visceral intensity continues on tracks like ‘Translyvania’ and ‘Nightmare’ which sound exactly as the titles suggests. The tracks have slick grooves attached while Hip Hop juggernaut and track of the year contender ‘Yonkers’ maintains this vibe. While ‘Tron Cat’ sees him spouting the darkest raps on the album. A track so lyrically depraved that even his most ardent supporters will find it hard to stomach. “These tracks work almost on intensity alone, but there isn’t much else happening. He shows it doesn’t all have to be extremely dark on tracks like ‘Her’ where the bravado takes a back seat. But the track fails to land musically. ‘She’ sees Tyler join forces with Frank Ocean in a slow and forgettable RNB affair.

The album’s title track refers to everything to that point in Tyler’s life. The media pressure, the broken home. It’s Tyler spouting a stream of consciousness while a contrasting voice allays his fears. It happens again on album closer ‘Golden’ and while they are pretty decent tracks you can’t help but feel both are drawn out.

‘Sandwitches’ sees Hodgy Beats lend a hand in one of the album’s better moments, which acts almost as OFWGKTA’s call to arms. ‘Window’ sees a whole host of OFWGKTA member’s guest in a tune which serves no other purpose than as a platform to introduce some of his crew. ‘Fish’ and ‘Analog’ are another two tracks which have discernable grooves, while tracks like ‘Bitch Suck Dick’ are nothing more than parody.
It’s not an album for the easily offended, the groups’ defenders claim they are satirising the ugly parts associated with hip hop. Dependent entirely on how you want to perceive it, this could very well be a bit much for some people. Regardless of how you perceive it, eighty minutes is a bit much to listen to the misanthropic ranting and ravings of anyone, regardless of how skilled they may be in delivering it.

Tyler The Creator – Yonkers
Tyler, The Creator – Sandwitches (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Odd Future Interview

By Paul Mullin